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Pool Openings and Closings

Water Testing Your Pool

When the weather is right and you’re ready to open your pool for the season — get help from a pro….

Olympic has trained technicians available to take care of your pool openings and closings. We can customize our pool opening and closing services to fit your specific needs. Our experienced staff will reassemble your pool equipment and prepare your pool and filtration system for operation and we make sure all your equipment is in optimal working condition.

For maximum enjoyment and use of your pool this season…

Our Olympic Pool and Spa professionals can:pool-opening

  • Remove your pool cover
  • Clean and prepare your pool cover for summer storage
  • Troubleshoot, service and prime your pump and filtration system
  • Backwash your DE or Sand filtration system
  • Change your Pool filter Cartidges
  • Make sure everything is operating properly and ready to go for summer fun!

For your peace of mind during the winter, our trained pool technicians can inspect and winterize your pool, equipment, and water lines.

Water Testing


Olympic Pool and Spa provides Pool Water Testing in our stores.

A water analysis report complete with recommendations is provided to you on the spot.  Our pool water test report is customized to your pool and includes recommendations on what you need to do to correct any issues with your pool water.

 Plumbing & Electrical

The plumbing and electrical systems of your pool or spa are essential to their cleanliness, safety and performance.  At Olympic Pool and Spa, we can service your existing systems or if necessary, install new components that will insure years of use.

We understand the importance of proper pool and spa plumbing and electrical systems.  With a properly designed and hydraulically balanced water circulation system, and an efficiently powered and grounded electrical system, you can be assured of problem-free pool or spa ownership.  Olympic uses the best parts and licensed technicians to carefully service your pool plumbing and electrical systems.

Pool Heating

H-Series_1Very often, the last thing you think about is heating your pool or spa.  The correct heater or heat pump system will provide year-round comfort for your pool or spa.  The specialists at Olympic Pool and Spa are experts in determining the correct size, features and heating system, designed to make your pool or spa the most comfortable place on earth.  Whether you have an in ground pool, above ground pool or hot tub spa we can make the water temperature more comfortable and increase your seasonal use.

If you have an existing heating system that requires servicing or maintenance, please contact us for expert troubleshooting and repair.  We also stock a variety of parts and fittings for most pool heaters and heat pumps.

Leak Detection – Diver Services


If you suspect that your pool has a leak, please call our service department at 973–448-0007.

Many calls we receive from worried pool owners concerning leaks, turn out to require a simple and inexpensive repair. If we can’t help you take care of the problem yourself, one of our leak specialists will be able to find the leak and resolve the problem for you.


Pool Filter Service  

Olympic Pool & Spa offers professional pool filter maintenance and replacement services so you can enjoy a full summer of clean, clear water.

There are three types of pool filters, all designed to keep your pool clean and clear:

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de-filterDiatomaceous Earth (DE) Pool Filters – often called the HEPA filters of the swimming pool world, DE filters are largely considered to be the most effective pool filters available. Made of extremely fine aquatic fossils, called diatoms, DE filters will filter out particles as small as five microns in size. This leads to water that is cleaner and safer than that provided by any other type of pool filter.

Because they filter so much out of the water, DE filters require frequent backwashing in order to stay effective. Olympic Pool & Spa can provide backwashing services your DE pool filter needs to work at its optimal level to keep your pool crystal clear all summer long.

sand_filterSand Pool Filters
 – the easiest pool filters to own and maintain, sand filters use graded sand to catch any particles larger than 40 microns in size (far below the threshold for visible dirt and dust), preventing them from clouding up your water.

Sand filters need to be backwashed periodically so they don’t clog up.  Olympic Pool & Spa can provide sand pool filter service to make sure your filters are clean and will be able to keep your pool looking good all summer long.

Hayward Cartridge Filter

Cartridge Pool Filters – the most popular type of pool filters, cartridge style pool filters operate similar to coffee filters – basically, water passes through a specially designed “paper” filter that catches particles as small as 25 microns in size.The great advantage with cartridge pool filters is that they don’t have to be backwashed to clean – when it comes time, you can just take them out and replace them with a new one.  Olympic Pool and Spa carries a large inventory or Pool Filter Cartridges and can assist you with changing the filter if you would like a Service Professional to help.


Pool Liner Replacement


Olympic Pool & Spa are the experts in swimming pool liner replacement.  If your pool liner is worn out and has seen better days, or you’re simply looking for a new design, contact us at Olympic Pool and Spa.

We have a large selection of vinyl liners to choose from an can handle liner replacements for all pool shapes.  Rest assured that we can provide you the best fit and durability.   Whether you have an in ground or above ground pool, we can help you every step of the way.

  • Select the highest quality virgin vinyl liner with hundreds of colors and patterns
  • Professional Installation by Certified Technicians
  • 15 year guarantee

Only Olympic has over 40 years of experience, the most qualified certified technicians and complete service personalized… from selection through installation!

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