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Providing Clean, Fresh Oxygenated Water with Minimal Use of Chlorine

It’s Like Swimming in Bottled Water


Frog Minerals Destroy Bacteria

Filters remove sediment…things like, leaves, dirt, and body oils…but they don’t get the bacteria.

Minerals provide an EPA registered alternative that will…

Cut Your Chlorine Use in Half !


Pool Frog for Inground Pools


Hassle-free pool water care for in-ground pools up to 40, 000 gallons. 

Your pool water will stay clean and clear for weeks at a time and your need for chlorine is reduced by up to 50%.  The pool frog is easy to install on existing and new above ground pools. 

3 Models Available




Recommended Products


Annual Summer Usage

1 Mineral Reservior

8-10 Chlorine Bac Pacs

2 FROG BAM Algae Preventative



Pool Frog for Above Ground Pools


Delivers bacteria-fighting mineral formula for above ground pools up to 25,000 gallons. 

Pool water will stay clean and clear for weeks with up to 50% less chlorine.  The pool frog is easy to install on existing and new above ground pools.





Recommended Products


Annual Summer Usage:

1 Mineral Reservoir

6 Chlorine Bac Pacs

1 FROG BAM Algae Preventative 


Spa Frog Floating System




With Minerals to destroy bacteria and reduce bromine use up to 50% making pool spa care less complicated.



Unlike all other Floaters – The Spa Frog…

  • Easily adjusts for any size spa
  • Softens water
  • Makes water crystal clear
  • Is long lasting for less work
  • Protects your surfaces and equipment
  • Is removed when the spa is in use
  • Saves water by draining and refilling less often
  • Is prefilled for no mess and no measuring
  • Bromine cartridges are recyclable


Recommended Products


Typical 4 Month Usage:

1 Mineral Reservoir

4 Bromine Cartridges

1 Jump Start


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