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Hot-Spring-Limelight-2012-Flair-Lifestyle-08 (Custom)Nothing works better to soothe away the aches and pains a stressful day or a heavy physical workout.

Hot tubs and spas are great for soothing aches and pains, reducing stress and promoting relaxation, hydrotherapy, improved circulation, and helping to ensure a restful night’s sleep.  And they are wonderful way to entertain family and friends.  At Olympic Pool and Spa, we offer a huge variety of hot tubs NJ and spas to fit most any budget.

There are two types of hot tubs: portable spas and permanent spas. Portable spas are self-contained and sit above ground. Permanent spas are built in-ground and are often built as an adjunct to an in-ground pool.  Some, called spillover spas, circulate pool water and spill over into the in-ground pool.

spa-ideas-8One of the things you’ll want to consider when purchasing a hot tub is how many people you will want it to hold at any one time.  You may want it to be able to hold the entire family at one time or have the capacity to hold yourselves and two other couples for entertainment purposes.  Hot tubs are available with a variety of interiors and exteriors. Choose a color and style that will be pleasing to you and that will complement your backyard or outdoor entertainment area.  You’ll also want to determine how many jets you’d like to have in your spa and which features, such as waterfalls, special lighting, and sound system are most important to you.  All hot tubs should have a cover to maintain heat. A variety of hot tub covers are available including locking covers to keep out small children or pets.

Create your own oasis — turning your backyard into a spa retreat. We offer the following quality brands:


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