Salt Chlorination

Salt Chlorination

It’s amazing what a little salt can do to enhance your pool experience.aqua-rite

Having a properly sanitized and balanced pool is important for swimmer comfort and safety.  But it can also dramatically extend the life of the pool and spa, materials and equipment.  Wind, rain, sun, and even the swimmers themselves affect water quality.  That’s why pool owners are choosing salt to sanitize their pools.  It gives them silky soft, clean water with none of the negative effects of traditional chemically treated water.

The Salt Advantage

With salt chlorination, you don’t have to mix, measure, or mess around with liquid or tablet chlorine.  Heavy chemical odors, itchy skin, red eyes, and bleached clothes are a thing of the past.  Salt satisfies 100% of your pool and spa’s sanitization needs, leaving you with water that’s always clean, clear, and soft.

Salt chlorination systems convert salt into a virtually endless supply of fresh, pure chlorine which leaves you more time to enjoy your pool. 

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Say goodbye to itchy skin, red eyes, and heavy chemical odors.



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