Pool Heating


Heating your pool will extend your swimming season and maximize your investment. 

There are a number of options for heating including heat pumps, propane or gas pool heaters, and solar heating.

Pool Heaters

A gas heater produces a flame on a gas burner that heats up metal heat exchanger tubes. The water from your pool is transferred through the heater and then transferred back into the pool. Propane and natural gas pool heaters both provide the ability to heat large volumes of water at a faster pace than their electrical counterparts.  A pool heater selection is based on the amount of pool surface area, climate, and how much temperature rise you are looking for.

Heat Pumps

heatpro-heat pumpA heat pump, rather than producing heat to warm a pool, transfers heat from the air outside and runs by electricity.  A refrigerant in the heat pump is warmed up by the outdoor air and is heated further by a compressor.  The heated water is then transferred back to the pool.

Although both pool heaters and heat pumps are very effective in meeting the end goal, there are differences that may lead you to prefer one over the other.


Solar Pool Heating


With solar heating, the pool water is pumped through the filter and then through a solar collector.  The heated water is then transferred back to the pool.

At Olympic Pool and Spa we carry a large variety of pool heating options and can help you find the pool water heating solution that best fits your needs. 


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