Pool Lighting

Turn Your Backyard into a Night Time Oasis

Pool by night

Pool lighting is not only functional, but can also add beauty and drama to your landscape.  By Illuminating your pool or spa with light and color, night swimming becomes a safer and much more enjoyable prospect.


With the many and varied pool lighting options available today, you can create an atmosphere and look that will coordinate with the rest of your outdoor living area and turn an ordinary pool party into an event your guests will long remember.

Pool Lighting Options

universal-colorlogicReplacing traditional pool lighting with LED lights offers you an even brighter pool lighting solution. Different colored LED lights and be added and set with a timer. LED lights are more expensive than the traditional bulbs but they’ll last much longer and use less energy. They also come with the option of colors and with a timer can produce a dazzling color show in your pool.

Color changing lights are perhaps the most exciting item to become available for swimming pools and spas. Lights are available with built-in color wheel controlled by a small circuit board. Many of the newer style color changing lights are now available in LED. LED lights have no moving parts and offer a large variety of different light shows.

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Incandescent Pool Lighting

incandescent-pool-lightingWith this type of pool lighting, an incandescent light bulb is sealed in a water-tight fixture, and is housed inside a niche that is embedded in the wall of the swimming pool. The insulated electrical wire runs into the fixture through a special seal, keeping water away from the conductive elements. The wire runs to a power source through a long tube which is mostly filled with water. The tube contains enough extra wire to pull the entire fixture out of the niche up and above the water level to change the bulb.

Incandescent underwater lights offer nice, crisp, white light to illuminate your swimming pool. You can change the wattage and colored lenses are available. This option is great in situations where with lighting is required or preferred.

Halogen Pool Lighting

Halogen Lighting is one of the original options for underwater pool lighting.  It burns brightly and is energy efficient. You can use various wattages to increase or decrease the level of light in your swimming pool.

Fiberoptic Pool Lighting

Fiberoptics are an option for underwater pool lighting and are available in a variety of colors and sizes. With fiberoptics you usually required more lights to adequately light up the pool.

For pool lighting a light box is used to generate the light which shines through a fiber optic strand. The light reflects off the casing to maintain the brightness over long distances. Fiber optic pool lighting can last forever, come in a variety of colors.   They do not  put off UV light and they are completely waterproof.

These units have a small wall fitting attached to a fiberoptic cable.  Most pools will need multiple fiberoptic lights to achieve adequate lighting. The fiberoptic cable is run back to a light generating box which is placed away from the pool or spa. The light in the box sends a beam of light through the fiberoptic to the end of the strands located inside the pool or spa. One fiberoptic light box will typically operate many wall fittings, but, this will depend on the total amount of fiberoptic strands the box is capable of operating.


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