Make a Splash With a New Pool or Hot Tub

Make a Splash With a New Pool or Hot Tub

hot tubsIf you’ve been thinking about pools, it’s probably a sign that you’re ready to take the plunge! Adding a hot tub or pool to your home can help you increase your relaxation time, while adding a great fitness accessory to your arsenal. Here are just a few of the benefits involved with owning hot tubs and pools, so you can get a glimpse of what to expect when you finally make the big splash.

With over 10.4 million residential swimming pools in the U.S., it’s no wonder swimming is a popular activity for lots of people. In fact, swimming is the fourth most popular sports activity, and is a great way to help you get the regular aerobic physical activity you need to stay happy and healthy. (Not to mention it’s a lot of fun, especially if you have kids.) You can even use your new inground or above ground pool to host amazing pool parties. Inground pools are great for guests who love to jump, dive, and play.

If you’re looking for hot tubs, you can look forward to a relaxing experience you can share with your family, your friends, or just yourself. You can accessorize your hot tub with waterfall jets, flashing lights, a TV, even a bar! Hot tubs are also great if you have muscle pains, be it from a long day at the office or a long day at the gym. You can sit back and enjoy the soothing heat in the comfort of your own backyard or deck.

Maintenance for pools and hot tubs is easy and painless. Pool owners should clean out their filter baskets at least once a week, and hot tub owners should make sure to keep their tubs covered to prevent standing water. This could attract mosquito larvae, as well as debris that can clog your tub’s filtration systems.

3 Major Reasons You Should Choose an Above Ground Pool for Your Home

For many Americans, there’s nothing quite like having a pool in the backyard — in fact, there are around 10.4 million pools made for residential use throughout the United States. However, not all of those pools are the same. While many people like the luxurious look and feel of an in-ground pool, they may want to consider getting an above ground pool installation instead.

Swimming is the fourth most popular sporting activity in the U.S., and it provides a good way to get exercise, too. Of the entire country’s population, 15% of adults and 36% of children between the ages of seven and 17 swim at least six times per year. If your family fits into that category, then a pool may be a worthwhile investment. Choosing an above ground pool can especially be a great choice if your family values these three features:

1. Cost Savings: One of the first things you should consider when getting a pool installed is the cost of each type. While the look of an in-ground pool can add a touch of luxury to any home, they are also beyond the budget of many families, and they can significantly raise the property taxes on a home. That may be feasible for some families, but for those who want a pool without the added costs, an above ground option is likely the best fit for many.

2. Portability: Although some pools can come with decking and other landscaping features, a pool built above ground is actually considered a temporary structure. This is because it can be easily taken down and replaced with a larger pool if the size of your family grows. However, if you’d like to make the pool a more permanent fixture in the backyard, then you can add a railing and decking to it. This helps blend the pool seamlessly with your back patio and deck.

3. Safety: Parents of young children often want a pool because it provides a great summertime activity for the whole family. However, pools can be dangerous if children are left unattended, and an in-ground pool may not be safe for small children to be around by themselves. Pools built above ground are designed with locking gates to keep kids out. They can also be created with safety gates around them to prevent slips and falls. Don’t forget, though, that it’s ultimately up to the parents to safeguard their children against accidents.

In addition to child safety, parents should be aware that all pool maintenance is the same, no matter what type of pool they select. All pools need their pH balanced in order to use them safely, and pool chemicals like shock are necessary for keeping the water clean. If you have questions about pool installation, make sure to get in touch with us, so we can help you find the best pool options for your family.

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