Prepare Your Pool For Winter

hot tubs in njHomeowners with pools and hot tubs in NJ are getting close to that time of year where it becomes necessary to close the pool for the winter. Whether it’s an inground pool or above ground pool, there are certain things every pool owners must attend to throughout the year. Maintaining a calcium hardness between 220-350, acidity between 7.5 and 7.8, and cleaning out filter baskets at least once a week are among the responsibilities any pool owner must face up to. Yet a different set of responsibilities emerges when it’s time to close up shop on your pools and hot tubs in NJ. Here are five tips for what to do when that time comes.

  • NJ pool chemicals are an important element of pool maintenance. One week prior to closing your pool, you should add a phosphate remover to prevent algae from accumulating.
  • The water level left in your pool should vary based on whether or not you expect it to freeze. Four to six inches below the skimmer or tile line is recommended for pools expected to freeze over, whereas for pools that will not freeze, the water level should be right up to the top, almost overflowing.
  • If your pool is expected to freeze, draining pool lines and adding antifreeze is a crucial step.
  • Allow the pump to run for a full cycle before backwashing and chemically cleaning your filter.
  • Finally, shocking and chlorinating your pool will help keep the water bacteria-free during the winter.

Handling pools and hot tubs in NJ is all about assessing the conditions in your area that will affect your pool, and taking steps to reduce the impact. We also recommend continuing to test your pool at least once a week during the winter to ensure proper water balance and sanitizer levels. Call the experts if anything is seeming wrong. We’re confident that these strategies will enable you to achieve the perfect conditions to keep your pool safe during the off-season and running smoothly at all other times.

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